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Bridal Bootcamp

Women all around the Arab world have had their lives changed with our program for brides-to-be. Now it’s your turn. 

After completing the program, 92% of our students said they felt prepared for their first time.

After completing the program, 85% of our students said they knew how to make sex more pleasurable for them.

After completing the program, 92% of our students said they knew the different contraceptive options available to them.

Key Details:

  • Program type
    Online on-demand
  • Location
  • Duration
    6 Weeks
  • Price
    600 EGP
  • Level

What's included in the program?

Our pre-recorded video content has been curated to answer your most pressing questions as a bride-to-be. In week one, we’ll start you off with the basics. We’ll walk you through your anatomy, and help you understand what your reproductive system looks like, how it works, and how to know if something is off. We’ll also do the same for your husband’s body too, so you know exactly what to expect going into married life! Week two is all about contraceptives, and helping you choose a method that aligns with your preferences, future plans, and medical history. In week three, we’ll help prepare you for your first time. We’ll tell you the essentials you’ll need to pack on your honeymoon, what to expect the night of, how to make it more comfortable- and answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Finally, in week four we’ll wrap up by talking about female pleasure, with a particular focus on the clitoris and erogenous zones.  

The more you know, the more questions you might have. That’s only natural, and actually means you’re learning! That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive 30-page FAQ document that answers your most recurrent questions.

In addition to our pre-recorded content, our program also includes 17 downloadable handouts and worksheets that will help you apply everything you’ve learned throughout these four weeks. These downloadables cover a range of topics, including: genital hygiene, vaginal discharge, birth control fact sheets, honeymoon checklists, and a pleasure mapping worksheet.  

What You'll Learn About

Your Body

Understand your reproductive system.

His Body

Understand your husband’s reproductive system.

Your Health

Choose a contraceptive that’s right for you.

Your First Time

Make your first few times more comfortable.

Your Pleasure

Understand female sexual pleasure.

Your Well-being

Be knowledgeable, confident, and ready for your first time.

Find out what our students had to say!

كل فيديو فيه معلومات كتيرة ومفيدة واستفدت جدًا منه التوتر قليل والتحمس كتير. عرَفتيني ازاي الحياة بتمشي بعدين ما بينا احنا التنين. بجد شكراً ❤️
⎯ هنا
جد شكراً شكراً على كل دقيقة من وقتك أنا أنهيت الأسابيع الأربعة كاملة من التحمس وحب المعلومات المتواصلة. بشكرك مرة تانية غيرتيكتير مفاهيم مغلوطة عندي وعرَفتيني ع جسمي وجسم شريك حياتي وعرَفتيني ازاي الحياة بتمشي بعدين ما بينا احنا التنين بجد شكراً ❤️
⎯ سلمي
It was great having the Motherbeing team on WhatsApp, being able to text you with any questions I had. Everyone was very supportive and helpful and available, not once was I left hanging or felt that I was asking too much.
⎯ Menna

Need more reasons to join? Here you go.

You get on-demand access.
Watch all the videos on your own time and at your own pace. You decided how fast, or how slow, you want to consume the content.

You’ll get discount codes for our shop.
As a wedding gift, we love to give our students a discount on all of our products. That way, you can go into your big day feeling knowledgeable, confident -and most importantly- well-prepared.

Meet the Learning Team

Nour Emam

A triple threat, Nour is a maternal health practitioner, certified sex educator, and the CEO of Motherbeing. She’ll be your main instructor throughout the program and will appear in all pre-recorded content. 

Nour Hegazy

Nour is a certified sex educator, and is a part of our Learning Team. Together with Nour Emam and our medical experts, she helped create, write and shoot all the content you’re about to consume.

Malak El-lamie

Malak is a certified sex educator, and is a part of our Learning Team. Together with Nour Emam and our medical experts, she helped create, write and shoot all the content you’re about to consume.

Dr. Kareem Zaki

A licensed OBGYN, Dr. Kareem is Motherbeing’s medical partner. Working closely with the Learning Team, he was able to review and edit the learning materials to ensure their accuracy and high-quality standard. 

Mariam Aziz

A practicing sex and relationship therapist, and a sexual health educator; Mariam works closely with our Learning Team as a consultant. Having reviewed, edited, and approved all pre-recorded content, she was able to add a level of depth to the program and insight from a mental health perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will have access to the videos and handouts for the duration of the four week program, plus two extra weeks. However, once the six weeks are over you will no longer have access to the videos. But you can download the handouts and keep them with you as long as you need. 

No, you will not be able to download the videos. 

Yes! You’re able to download the handouts and worksheets. That way you can come back to them at any time, if you need to. 

The videos are all in Arabic, but you have the option of viewing the video with English subtitles. You can also download the handouts in English or Arabic.

Of course! Our program is made to accommodate Arab women across the MENA region. 

This program has been carefully designed for women who are about to get married and want to learn more about their sexual and reproductive health. This course is ideal for you if you’re just starting to learn about this part of your life, and want to create a solid foundation before getting married. 

Unfortunately, if you’re already married you won’t be able to join the program. Since it was specifically made for brides-to-be, the content will not be beneficial if you’re already married. But we encourage you to keep an eye out on our website, because we’ll be releasing other programs for you very soon!