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Customized, judgment-free healthcare journeys that offer women the care they truly deserve.


Checkup on your cycle and menstrual health


Get tested and treat your infections

Painful Sex

A holistic journey to navigate painful sex


Choose the right contraceptive method for you


Develop a comprehensive fertility plan with our doctor


Round the clock care for your pregnancy journey

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Take control of your healthcare journey and select the service that best suits your needs

Online Consultation

Book an online gynecological consultation with one of our in-house doctors

  • Periods
  • Infections (BV, yeast, UTIs)
  • Questions about pregnancy
  • Fertility
  • Contraceptives

Menopause Coaching Program

Menopause health and wellness program consisting of 3 coaching sessions.

Clinic Appointment

Book a gynecological appointment with one of our in-house doctors

  • General gynecology checkup
  • Contraceptives
  • Periods
  • Infections (BV, yeast, UTIs)
  • Examinations (ie. ultrasound, scans)
  • IUD procedures (Placement/Removal)

Sex Ed Chat

Want a hassle-free women only online consultation to discuss your sexual and reproductive health with a sexual health educator? Look no further!

  • Your menstrual cycle
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Sexual & reproductive organs anatomy and function
  • Cultural myths and misconceptions
  • Genital care (i.e. discharge, hygiene, etc.)
  • Preparing for your first time

Why We’re Different

We designed our holistic healthcare journey with you at the center; all the way from awareness & education to diagnosis & treatment; giving you the quality of life you truly deserve.

FeaturesOther Clinics
Medical record of test results and history
Pricing transparency
Consult a full care team
Virtual follow up consultations
Lab & Scan discount
Judgement free space
Treatment plan
Student discounts

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Meet Our Care Team

Dr Ahmed Shawky

Consultant OBGYN

Nour Emam

Care Manager

Mariam Aziz

Sex and Relationship Therapist

Zeinab Mekkawy

Care Assistant

Dr Israa Rashwan

Case Manager

Malak El Lamie

Sexual Health Educator