Frequently Asked Questions

Motherbeing is reimagining women’s healthcare: from puberty to menopause. We started off with the dream of normalizing sex education in the region, but now we’re on a mission to put women in the driver’s seat.

About the clinic

Yes, the motherbeing clinic is licensed by Dr. Kareem Zaki

Our clinic is designed with you at the center. We focus on your journey from awareness and education, all the way to diagnosis and treatment. Not only do we offer holistic services to fulfill that but we also offer you the support of a full care team that collectively works to provide you the quality care you deserve.

Appointments & Services

Yes, you need to book an appointment before your visit. 

To book your appointment, visit our clinic page and choose the type of appointment that suits your needs.

We offer virtual chats with our sexual health educators to help you start your learning journey and get answers to your questions in a safe & judgment-free setting. We also offer in-clinic appointments and online gynecological consultations so you could get a medical check-up with one of our gynecologists.

Book a virtual chat session with one of our sexual health educators if you want to learn more about your symptoms and concerns. Book an in-clinic or an online gynecological consultation with one of our in-house physicians if you are suffering from specific symptoms and require treatment.

 Online gynecological consultations cover the following topics:

  • Periods
  • Infections (BV, yeast, UTIs)
  • Questions about pregnancy
  • Fertility
  • Contraceptives

- In-clinic appointments cover the following topics:

  • General gynecology checkup
  • Contraceptives
  • Periods
  • Infections (ie. BV, yeast, UTIs, etc.)
  • Examinations (ie. ultrasound, scans, etc.)
  • IUD procedures (placement/removal)

Virtual chats with a sexual health educator cover the following topics:

  • Your menstrual cycle
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Sexual & reproductive organs anatomy and function
  • Cultural myths and misconceptions
  • Genital care (i.e. discharge, hygiene, etc.)
  • Preparing for your first time

The virtual chat session provides an educational experience with our sexual health educators about the listed topics in a safe and judgment-free setting. Their purpose is to give you more insight into these topics and answer any questions you may have. Please note that our certified sexual health educators will not be able to offer a diagnosis during these chats as this would require an in-clinic appointment with one of our gynecologists. Chat sessions are available for women only.

The in-clinic appointment allows you to go through your medical concerns and conduct any examinations, if needed, with one of our gynecologists who will then provide you with a treatment plan depending on your concerns to help you on your health journey.

During your psychosexual therapy session, you will have the opportunity to seek support for any sexual difficulties or general sexual intimacy concerns in a judgment-free environment. After your assessment, you will be able to collaboratively address your concerns with our sex therapist through follow-up sessions and an agreed-upon treatment plan.

Your care assistant will reach out to you about your care journey and you’ll be able to ask further questions. You’ll also get the chance to send any follow-up questions you may have to your doctor through your care assistant.

You can get in touch with your doctor through your virtual care assistant.

Your virtual care assistant will support you throughout your care journey by connecting you to your medical team. Through her, you will receive follow-up support between your visits.

If you need to book a follow-up appointment you can do so by messaging your care assistant.

Payment & Cancellations

  • For virtual chat sessions, you need to pay online using any of our online payment options to confirm your booking.
  • For in-clinic appointments, you have the option of paying online or paying at the clinic through cash or visa.

Less than 24 hours before your appointment, you can reschedule without extra charge. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, your booking will not be refundable.

A 30% student discount is applied to in-person appointments only, as long as you present your valid student ID.


No we do not have a physical store. We only have an online store

For sure. Just scroll down to sign up in the footer below.

We do not accept exchanges

We do not accept returns unless the item is damaged

We ship to Cairo, Giza, Alex and Delta and Canal Cities as well as Upper Egypt and Hurghada.

If you live in Cairo, Giza and Alex delivery take up to 48 hrs. Delta
and Canal cities takes up to 72 hrs. Upper Egypt and Hurghada takes 4-5 days

You will be contacted by the shipping company the next day and there will be second delivery attempt.

If day 2 delivery attempt fails, the shipping company will attempt a third and final delivery attempt on day 3.